Roebuck's Prize by Author Michael R. Shapiro

The economy is collapsing and Raf finds himself out of a job and struggling to keep his head above water. Things are no better at home. But Raf refuses to give up. Armed with his education, skills, and resourcefulness, he ventures into the underground world of the Real Deal Economy, where survival depends on one's ability to adapt and thrive in the face of danger.

Roebuck's Prize by author Michael R. Shapiro

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Note From The Author

I don't know whether you're interested in time travel, but I sure am. Always have been.

It may have started when I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

This thing was published in 1895, so I guess I wasn't one of the early ones to the table.

I've read plenty of books and seen lots of movies too.

Some about going back in time. But for me the fascination was always about going into the future.

Not a whole lot. Just a few years to see what a lot of things we see today would look like.

But as attractive as it was, the idea—the concept of actually doing it —always seemed like a remote dream.

Until last September, that is.

That's when I was able to take a little trip—a short one, to be sure, but a trip nonetheless.

I know most scientists have concluded it's impossible. But I knew some guys who were working on a secret project for a major university and they were looking for a guinea pig to make the trip.

I told my wife and small daughter I was going fishing with some buddies, but I went to 2035 instead.

It sure wasn't what I expected. At first, everything looked pretty much the same as it does now, but it didn't take me long to find out there had been some very big changes.

Some pretty weird stuff happened to me while I was there. Some things I wish I didn't know about. And I learned a few things about my future self in the process.

It's too much to summarize here, but I wrote it all down and made a book out of it called Roebuck's Prize.

It's a pretty fast read, and you may find it interesting.

About Roebuck's Prize

Unlock a thrilling journey into the heart of darkness with "Roebuck's Prize," a gripping dystopian masterpiece that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in a collapsing world where survival demands every ounce of resourcefulness, as the protagonist, Raf, battles against unforgiving adversaries and confronts his own inner demons. This character-driven narrative delves into the depths of resilience, redemption, and the unyielding human spirit, delivering an unforgettable reading experience that will captivate fans of dystopian fiction and survivalist tales.

  • Survive the Unforgiving Real Deal Economy: Join Raf on a heart-pounding journey through a crumbling world, where danger lurks at every turn, alliances are tested, and redemption hangs in the balance.
  • Witness the Evolution of a Resilient Survivor: Experience Raf's transformation from a vulnerable soul to an unwavering survivor as he confronts inner demons, forges unlikely alliances, and navigates the complexities of a collapsing society.
  • Provocative Reflections on Resilience and the Human Spirit: Explore the consequences of a failing economy and unravel thought-provoking themes of survival, redemption, and the indomitable will to endure in this gripping dystopian tale.

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Roebuck's Prize by author Michael R. Shapiro

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Roebuck's Prize by author Michael R. Shapiro

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